This story has a happy ending

I grew up in a beautiful countryside sorroundings and as long as I can remember 
clay was my favourite medium of expression since I salvaged a local clay with my grandad as a child. Later while helping in the vegetable garden I discover bits and pieces of ancient pottery as the site of our home has been inhabited since early medieval period. 
With this first contacts with clay and pottery I already felt that clay is definitly my thing, I felt so comfortable and natural working with it. But sadly at the time when I went to study there were no classes or college programs for ceramics.

So I became architect and academic lecturer by profession, countryside potter by heart. 

After graduation from Design and Architecture at University of Ljubljana and after five years of stressful office job I quit and hit the reset button. 
I kept my part time job teaching freehand drawing classes at Faculty of design in Ljubljana and
I took pottery classes with Ines Kovačič, renown slovenian studiopotter and clayartist.
Soon after I set up my own studio in 2012. 

My inspiration and source of strength has always been nature and its movement, so you can imagine I didn't last long doing the office job. 
Dynamics, energy and forms of plants, trees, animals and natural elements. Im always on the hunt of something exciting. I love to roam the sourrounding woods, hills, streams, rivers, lakes and mountains and listen to their vibrant spirits.

In 2016 I attended workshop with brilliant porcelain artist Antoinette Badenhorst to learn the secrets of this fine material and she inspired me to explore further and to push boundaries. I love combining porcelain, red clay and woodfiring. It is walking on the edge but results are sometimes very rewarding.